The sandplant has become a nonissue with the closure of the plant.


May 2001

The La Posta Band of Indians have submitted two proposals that have the potential to impact our community:

  1. Annexation of the property located between La Posta Truck Trail and the La Posta Indian Reservation.
  2. Expansion of the sand mining operation on the reservation and proposed annexation property.

We oppose both of these proposals. The annexation proposal would remove that property from the San Diego County Tax Rolls at the same time that the expansion proposal would increase the Band's use of roadways, police and fire services, and schools. Moreover, all reservation lands are exempt from local and state laws. We are primarily concerned that the expanded sand mining operations will have a significant negative impact on our water resources, will increase traffic 700 percent on La Posta Truck Trail and Old Highway 80, will raise the fire and crime dangers, and will lower property values.

See our response to the Bureau of Indian Affairs/La Posta Band Draft Supplemental Environmental Assessment report (DSEA)
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