Lap-Thing is the short version name, or acronym for the La Posta-Thing Valley Preservation Society. Lap-Thing is a nonprofit organization created to maintain and improve the rural natural environment by the neighbors living in this portion of the Cleveland National Forest.

Lap-Thing with formed in 1996 by a small group of neighbors living in the La Posta-Thing Valley area of East County, San Diego, who felt that an organization of neighbors could work better together to address concerns such as forest conservation, the illegal alien problem, forest fires, roadway issues and similar items that affect all neighbors in the area. The La Posta-Thing Valley area is located at the outer boundaries of several different San Diego planning groups, and it has been difficult to obtain representation that reflects the needs of our small neighborhood.

Lap-Thing has two classifications of membership: Neighbor and Associate. A Neighbor member is someone who resides or owns property within the area designated on the Lap-Thing map. An Associate member is anyone who wishes to be a member of Lap-Thing but does not own land or live in the immediate area. As part of the membership, neighbors and associates are treated equally.

New members can join Lap-Thing upon being sponsored by a member in good standing, and approved by a majority of the membership when voted on at a scheduled meeting.

Directors and Officers
The Board of Directors is made up of 6 members. Each director serves a term of two years. One-half the directors are elected in one year and the other half elected the next year in overlapping terms. A member will be selected by the remaining Directors to fulfill the term of resigned or vacated directors.

There are two officers: Chairman and Secretary. Each officer must be a member of the Board of Directors and is elected by the directors to serve a one-year term.

In 2000, the chairman is Bruce Barnes, the secretary is Dennis Berglund, and the remaining directors are Rod Starkey, Almeda Starkey, Connie Berglund and Jay Shrock.

All communications may be addressed to the Chairman or Secretary, Lap-Thing, P.O. Box 925, Pine Valley, CA 91962; email to

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